Shongo and Oshun T-shirt

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This Shongo and Oshun T-Shirt is a powerful combination of the divine feminine and masculine powers. Comes in most sizes.

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Legend has it that Chango was the king of the Oyo, a great city in West Africa. He had numerous wives, but he was particularly fond of Oshun, the river goddess. Their marriage symbolizes a union of two great basic forces known as the feminine essence and the masculine power. This concept is similar to yin and yang and the ability of opposite forces to unite and same forces to repel and detract.

Chango is a representation of the ultimate masculine force. He is dynamic, stimulating, and logical. He is a deity of great height and represents the skies and the heavens. His color is red, and he is considered hot, and is able to produce heat by breathing fireballs from his mouth. The goddess Oshun, on the other hand represents yin. She is the ultimate female essence. She is static, calming, and intuitive, much like the rivers she resides in. Chango and Oshun, much like yin and yang characterize two different types of energy, also known as chi, or in Yoruba, ashe.

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