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This Orisha Oko T-Shirt is front and back color. Comes in most sizes.

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Okó, also known in Brazil as Ocô,[1][2][3] is an Orisha.[4] In Nigeria and the Benin Republic, he is a strong hunter & farming deity as well as a fighter against sorcery. He is associated with the annual new harvest of the white African yam. Among the deities, he is considered a close friend of Oosa Ogiyan and Shango, as well as at one time husband of Oya and Yemoja. Bees are considered the messengers of Oko.[5]

In Brazilian Candomblé, he represents one of the Orisha of agriculture, together with Ogum.[6] According to Prandi, Oko songs and myths are remembered, but the presence in celebrations is rare.[7] In his representation, he has a wooden staff, plays a flute of bones and wears white.[8]

Oko is syncretized with Saint Isidore among Cuban orisha practitioners of Santería (Lucumí) and Regla de Ocha.[9][10]

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