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Orisha Erinle T-Shirt is front and back all over color that comes in most sizes.

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Erinle means elephant and he is the god of the natural forces of the universe.  As the god of the earth, he is masculine and powerful, huge and imposing, solid and unyielding. As the goddess of the waters, he is swift-flowing and life-giving, a feminine deity, switching between the two states as needed to serve his people. He is one of the most changeable and fiercely celebrated of the Yoruba deities, popular across Yorubaland and among Yoruba Americans, Cubans, Trinidadians, Latinos and many more outside the Yoruba nation in Nigeria.

According to patakis or stories of the faith of the Lukumi derivative of the religion, Erinle is a hunter. He is believed to serve as both a healer and the patron of gay people. He is said to live in the forest with his brothers Ogún, Ochossi and Osanyin part time. The rest of his time is spent in the farm with Orisha Oko.

Erinle and Ogún, brotherly relationship
To amuse himself in his solitude (as a lone hunter), Erinle used to chant and sing to himself, which was discovered by some local medicine men who followed him home from market to find out where he lived. Enchanted by his lively chanting, they spread his fame as an artist until Ogún heard that there was a strange man who was equal to him in hunting magics. Ogún also found his chanting impressive, and offered to teach him the art of drumming in exchange for being taught the art of chant.

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