Number Nine T-Shirt


This Number Nine T-Shirt is 100% cotton, comes in black and in most sizes.

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If your name adds up to 18 and 27 then your destiny number is 9!

Nine represents the Ennead, 9 is the Humanitarian and symbolizes divine wisdom, It is the ‘old soul’, the higher self, the teacher, the mystic. In the Higher Secrets of the tarot it is the Hermit sage that obtains enlightenment, revelation and inspiration. It is a universal number of global perspective, consciousness and philosophy, it is a number of completion, totality, finality, the end of a round of cycles: OMEGA.

It is a selfless number given to service to others, it is a healer and a multi-talented entertainer. 9 is also the Warrior and Patriot; it brings War and destruction ruled by Mars, but the 9th (dwarf) planet from the sun is Pluto. All numbers add to 9 ( 1+8,2+7,3+6,4+5,5+4, 6+3, etc. even 99), It is the hidden alpha number and single digit master number that can do it all.

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