Moorish America T-Shirt


This Moorish America T-Shirt represents the Moorish flag of Morocco, as used by Moorish Americans in connection with this land is being North West Amexum (farthest west Africa, ie The Maghreb),  This is a 100% cotton t-shirt, comes in either black or green and in most sizes.

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The flag of Morocco is made of a red field with a black-bordered green pentagram.

Red has considerable historic significance in Morocco, proclaiming the descent from royal Alaouite dynasty. This ruling house was associated with the Islamic prophet Muhammad via Fatimah, the wife of Ali, the fourth Muslim Caliph. Red is also the color that was used by the sharifs of Mecca and the imams of Yemen. From the 17th century on, when Morocco was ruled by the Alaouite dynasty, the flags of the country were plain red. In 1915, during the reign of Mulay Yusef, the green interlaced pentangle was added to the national flag, and it stands for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.  It also represents the color of Islam and the pentagram the seal of Solomon.The 5 branches also represents the pillars of Islam.

Pictures of the Moorish flag are seen in the White House with Hilary Clinton and Michelle & Barack Obama below.

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