Moorish Noble Captain T-Shirt


This is a Moorish Noble Captain T-Shirt, Captain is riding with his entourage. Attire reflective of the Moorish Empire. This all over color dye sublimated tee is 100% polyester and comes in all sizes.

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The Moors were the Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb ( The Maghreb is usually defined as much or most of the region of western North Africa,  west of Egypt and as far as North America known as North west Amexum, the Atlantis of the west), the Iberian Peninsula, Sicily, and Malta during the Middle Ages, who initially were Berber and Arab peoples from North Africa.

Medieval and early modern Europeans variously applied the name to Arabs, North African Berbers, Africans from North Africa, Blackamoors and Muslim Europeans. During the colonial era, the Portuguese introduced the names “Ceylon Moors” and “Indian Moors” in Sri Lanka, and the Bengali Muslims were also called Moors. Moabite Moors of Al Morocs occupying the North Gate of Egypt of the West, Northwest Amexum/ North America/ West Africa/ “The North Gate” carried Noble Titles of “Al”, “Ali”, “Bey”, “Dey”, “El” that were also associated with their native tribal affiliations. The aboriginal indigenous Americans (see Delaware Moors and the black indians) are Nobles of North, South, Central America and the Islands by Birthright and Inheritance.   Moors are noted for their turbans and red fez’s (see the 5 civilized tribes headresses), also in America worn by Shriners…

The Moors were credited and produced the arts, literature, Latin, sciences, medicine and mathematics in particular. They introduced hygiene in Europe and built castles through out. Many of their coats of arms have prominent Moors heads and Knights on their heraldry (including the Pope). They were expelled from Spain in 1492 by Ferdinand and Catherine of Aragon who restored the Christian religion.

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