1794 Map of Mexico T-Shirt

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This 1794 Map of Mexico T-Shirt shows the original borders of Mexico as it existed after the 1776 Declaration of Independence. This is an all over color dye sublimation shirt, 100% polyester that comes in most sizes.

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Historical Map of Mexico – The Viceroyalty of New Spain, 1786-1821.

The Twelve Intendancies and the Governmental Divisions of New California, Old California, New Mexico, and Tlaxcala.

42nd parallel: Treaty between Spain and the U.S. February 22, 1819 
Great Salt Lake
Government of New California
Government of New Mexico
Government of Old California
Gulf of California
Intendancy of Arizpe
Intendancy of Durango
Rio Grande
Arkansas River
Louisiana Territory
Mississippi River
United States of America
Province of Texas
province of Coahuila
Province of Nuevo Santander
Province of Nuevo Leon
Intendancy of Zacatecas
Intendancy of San Luis Potosi
Intendancy of Guanajuato
Intendancy of Veracruz
Government of Tlaxcala
Intendancy of Guadalajara
Intendancy of Valladolid
Intendancy of Mexico
Intendancy of Puebla
Intendancy of Oaxaca
Intendancy of Merida
Gulf of Mexico
Audience of Guatemala (1821-1823 united with Mexico)
Pacific Ocean

Adapted from Enriqueta Garcia de Miranda and Zaida Falcon de Gyves, Nuevo Atlas Porrua de la Republica Mexicana, Editorial Porrua, S.A. 1972

Used by permission of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

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