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This Django Unchained T-Shirt acknowledges his pursuit of staying free and freeing his wife Brunhilda! This is a DTG tee, 100% cotton, comes in black and white and comes in most sizes.

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With the help of a German bounty hunter, a Django sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

Dangerfield Newby, The Real Django (1815 – 1859) was the oldest of John Brown‘s raiders, one of five black raiders, and the first of his men to die at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.

After the raid, the people of Harpers Ferry took his body, stabbed it repeatedly, and amputated his limbs. His body was left in an alley to be eaten by hogs. In 1899 the remains of Newby-plus remains of nine other raiders-were reburied in a common grave near the body of John Brown in North Elba, New York.

A letter found on his body revealed the motive for joining John Brown and the raid on Harpers Ferry. His wife and seven children were slaves, because all of Newby’s other efforts had failed he hoped to free them by force.Harriet’s poignant letters (Dangerfield Newby’s wife), found on his body after the failed Harpers Ferry raid, proved instrumental in advancing the abolitionist cause.

Hariett’s letter: BRENTVILLE, August 16, 1859

“Dear Husband.

I want you to buy me as soon as possible for if you do not get me somebody else will the servents are very disagreeable thay do all thay can to set my mistress against me Dear Husband you not the trouble I see the last two years has ben like a trouble dream to me it is said Master is in want of monney if so I know not what time he may sell me an then all my bright hopes of the futer are blasted for there has ben one bright hope to cheer me in all my troubles that is to be with you for if I thought I shoul never see you this earth would have no charms for me do all you Can for me witch I have no doubt you will I want to see you so much the Chrildren are all well the baby cannot walk yet all it can step around enny thing by holding on it is very much like Agnes I mus bring my letter to Close as I have no newes to write you mus write soon and say when you think you Can Come

Your affectionate Wife

Harriet Newby”

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