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This C.M. Bey T-Shirt is imbued with the wisdom of this Moorish Mason, Moorish Constitutional Law Giver and Master Astrologer. This a DTG process, 100% cotton. Comes in most sizes.

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       Charles Mosley Bey     

He was born March 3, 1897 in Chicago ILL. During his life span he attended the University of Chicago after which he served in World War 1. He then attended the University of Yucatan in Mexico where he gathered the knowledge of the Moabite Nation.

From that point he set out to write the necessary documents, books and Cosmo Constitution Law of the Great Seal that the world may be free.

C.M.Bey registered his work with the Library of Congress in 1947 coded under the USC Title 22 Chapter 2 Sec. 141 under judicial protection. At this point he began to go from place to place to lecture and working to restore the lost people. Namely those classified as Negros, black, african Americans, west Indian etc. but more especially the dark skinned people here in America called Negroes to their constitutional heritage, birthright, and nationality which would free them from their enslaved causes by the use of their animalistic labels, negro and slave.

He worked faithfully for 10 years from 1947-1957. It was this time he was stricken by a stroke in which speech impairment resulted. After recovery from his stroke C.M. Bey began to teach others to teach: from 1957-1973. He worked diligently and faithfully writing literature so the job of uplifting of fallen humanity may be carried on. Our Dear Constitutional Law Giver passed form in Lakeside Hospital and not in a home of a friend.

You will find many parallels to the Prophet sayings. Yes, he was commissioned by the Prophet. I left certain groups out that came afterwards in order to maintain a positive light and to permit the Moorish community to move forward without prejudice.

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