Black Nobility of Europe T-Shirt

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This Black Nobility of Europe T-Shirt is a collage of the true royalty of Afro Europe. Color collage is front and back. Choice of worded description or without. Comes in all sizes.

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Europe was named after an African Queen known as Europa. African Europeans(Afropeans) have long been the residents there. The Etruscans (early Greeks) and Romans, were African. There were Scottish, Flemish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese kings that were ‘black a moors’. Many Crests of heraldry contain the faces and names of black kings of Europe. Pictures of Christ and the Madonna and Child are all over Europe, are ‘black’ and considered sacred. This t-shirt is a tribute to royalty, monarchy and nobility that we once held in Europe.

This collage contains: King James III of England, Emperor King Charles V,  Queen Charlotte, Black Mozart, Thomas Alexandre Dumas, Andre Dumas, Allessandro Medici, Ivan Gannibal, Chevalier de Saint



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