Black Indians of America T-Shirt


This Black Indians of America T-Shirt represents the aboriginal inhabitants of Turtle Island as found here by the Caucasian Europeans. A shirt that speaks louder than words. Full color front and back.

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Accepted History

Black Indians are people of mixed African-American and Native American heritage, who have strong ties to Native American culture. Many Indigenous peoples of the Eastern Woodlands, such as the Narragansett, Pequot, Lumbee and Cherokee, have a significant degree of African ancestry.

Historically, certain Native American tribes have had close relations with African Americans, especially in regions where slavery was prevalent, or where free people of color have historically resided. Members of the Five Civilized Tribes also participated in enslaving Africans, and some Africans migrated with them to the West on the Trail of Tears in 1830 and later. In peace treaties with the US after the American Civil War, the slaveholding tribes, which had sided with the Confederacy, were required to emancipate slaves and give them full citizenship rights in their nations.

Actual History

All African Americans, ie Blacks are not native of Africa and they were not ALL brought over as slaves by Europeans.Documents, books, lithographs and paintings show another side of America’s hidden history that the Asiatic Indians portrayed are not the only Ancient, Aboriginal and Indigenous ones of Turtle Island. Dispite efforts to salvage the theme of native and Afro-American intermarriage, Many ie ‘Black’ Indians (from indigo – inky) have origins in America from Empires that reach back to the Olmecs found in Central America of extreme antiquity.

Black Indians are the true original indigenous Americans, never brought or stolen from Africa. A De Jure Natural Autochton of the Continental United States. By primogeniture and by inheritance, aboriginally known as the Xi-Amaru, the Ancient Ones – the Olmecs: originally known as Tamoanchan, the “primogenital” place of origins and the ancient Anasazi People. They are Jus Soli to the lands of America. Black Indians are Paleo Americans, Indigene of the Dominions of Amexum, descendants of the Oldest and Ancient Americans; the mound builders known as the Empire Washitaw De Dugdamoundyah and also Allegewi.

Supporting evidence in books such as ‘The Black Indians’ by William Lorenz Katz.


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