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This Aganju T-Shirt inspires Self Confidence. Comes inmost sizes.

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Aganju (known as Agayú or Aganyú in Spanish speaking counties) is an Orisha. He is syncretized with Saint Christopher in the Cuban religion known as Santería. In Yoruba language, Aginju means a wilderness, inhospitable habitat or impenetrable locale. Aganju is strongly associated with Shango. In some traditions Aganju is described as Shango’s father; in other traditions he is described as Shango’s brother. Both Shango and Aganju were, at one time, rulers of the Oyo empire who became deified. In the Yoruba areas of Nigeria and Benin Republic, Aganju is known as a deified warrior king from the town of Shaki in the present-day Oyo State of Nigeria. He was said to walk with a sword and is said to fight by shooting fire, as opposed to Sango who fights with thunderstones and lightning. Shaki is in the savannah area of northern Yorubaland that has monoliths and boulder outcroppings.


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