7 Powers T-Shirt


This is the 7 Powers T-Shirt, includes 7 of the most powerful Orishas.. This full front color dye sublimated shirt is 100% Gildan polyester; white in the back and comes in most sizes.

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“The Seven African Powers Are Spirit Guides Not Orishas.

“The Seven African Powers are actually spirits of the dead from the seven different African tribes that were brought to Cuba and forced into slavery. Within a Santeria (Lucumi/Lukumi) cosmological understanding, the Seven African Powers are araorœn (citizens of heaven  dead spirits)  they are not usually Egun (ancestors of blood or initiatory lineage). When a person speaks of the Seven African Powers they refer to a group of 7 different spirits, one from each of the following tribes: Yoruba, Congo, Takua, Kissi, Calabari, Arara, and Mandika. A person who has a connection with the Seven African Powers will have one spirit guide from each of these tribes unique to him, and one of the seven will dominate the group and orchestrate their efforts.

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