This page is dedicated to the culture and genius of the Moors. The Alhambra castle was built by the Moors around 1000 A.D. Moors are credited with building castles, bringing education and civilization: Latin, math, science, and universities. They created the gun, the musket, and cannon. They are the Black Nobility of Europe with noble crests and titles of Al, Ali, Bey, Dey and El.  For the record if you are a ‘brand’ such as black, negro or African American, claim to be an indigneous aboriginal such as Cherokee or Choctaw you ALL ARE MOORS! 


The flag of Morocco is made of a red field with a green pentagram.  The green interlaced pentangle is the Moorish national flag of Northwest Amexum, and it stands for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice that represents the 5 pillars of Islam. The flag is at least 10,000 to 50,000 years old. Pictures of the Moorish flag are seen in the White House with Michelle & Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the Ben Franklin room.